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We believe that to make our communities (local, state, and national) good places to live with a high quality of life, all segments of society must be productive and add value.  This can be attained in one segment by encouraging African American males to achieve more in the area of education.  The Alpha Epsilon Boulé Education Foundation is addressing the critical shortage of African American males who are preparing for college and community leadership in the 21st century. The urgency of this need is underscored by the fact that the number of African American males attending and graduating from colleges and universities in Texas continues to decrease.

“Education is often regarded as the most critical institution in our democracy. This is because of its power to transform ignorance to knowledge, victimization to empowerment, and despair to hope. Consequently, education is often referred to as the great equalizer”.
Dr. John Price – President University of North Texas Dallas and Foundation Board Member


Making the world a better place through education

   - Mentoring
 - Training
   - Fundraising
   - Scholarship
   - Collaborative Programs


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Scholar Profile

 - 3.4/4.0 GPA
 - 1320/1600 SAT
 - STEM & Law Majors
 - High Community Involvement
 - Leadership Capabilities
 - Financial Assistance Required

1995 to Present

Scholarship Awards   $160,000.00
Number of Scholars     150



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               The  Alpha Epsilon Boule’ Education Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax exempt, publicly supported organization described in Sections 501 (c) (3)